AfterBurn – CrossFit Near Disney is the areas prime group training and Crossfit facility.


CrossFit AfterBurn is located conveniently to major vacation rental communities and is ideal for a Drop in on your next vacation to the Walt Disney World area.

With a large spacious floor space (no cramped classes here). And handpicked CrossFit Games style equipment – we have attempted to make a CrossFitters paradise! However, a cool gym with great equipment is nothing without 3 things.

  • #1 Amazing Coaching and attention to detail.
  • #2 Impeccable Cleanliness standards.
  • #3 An awesome atmosphere of like-minded people, willing each other on to have fun and do better.

Of all things I am most confident that CrossFit AfterBurn does these 3 things to the highest standards, you will find.

It sounds cheesy but people start out as members and end up friends. This relationship is a fantastic motivator to make sure we are maintaining our standards and making sure our members reach their goal – After all who wants to let their friends down?.

How we do it?

In short, the scientific method will always win out at CrossFit AfterBurn.

No guessing games, No guru hocus pocus! Just repeatable data and semi-customizable workouts designed to keep your body burning calories long after your workout has ended.

Dietary assistance with goals that ranges from building muscle to improving blood range levels for your GP’s recommendations or aggressive tactics to help people lose body fat rapidly to bring them out of a danger zone and into a status of wellbeing. We even reversing type 2 diabetes, something that my own Mother did with us, who now no longer relies on insulin shots to control her blood sugar levels.

(Good Work Mum!)

In short, we are a tool kit for you to take advantage of, that is what a gym should be.

A support system to deal with physical and mental health, a place to help you look better and feel better.

If you don’t have this already. (in my opinion) you are doing things the hard way. You deserve better.

For these reasons we proudly offer 3 free classes for local residents to experience CrossFit AfterBurn. 

Come by, Say hi, Check us out and let’s Get Started!

See you soon at the box.


CrossFit Coach - Personal Trainer - Personal Training - Fitness

CrossFit AfterBurn Co-Founder.