CrossFit Afterburn- News

Hey Afterburners! It has been two weeks of BURN60 classes now. We hope that you have been enjoying the workouts and have seen how you benefit from our 60 minute CrossFit classes. The Afterburn staff is very proud of the progress so many of you have made and we want to keep working together to provide an excellent service to you all!
The Afterburn memberships are going to be going up in price on 10/19/2020. For all members that have signed up for a BURN60 membership already or sign up for one before 10/19 you will keep the current rate.
If you are interested in continuing with the BURN60 program in November when your membership expires. We recommend that you claim your membership now so that you can lock yourself into the current membership prices. 
If anything happens between now and then, you can always cancel the membership. But at least this way your membership is secure at the current rate
$99 ELITE (8 classes monthly)
$59 BASIC (4 classes only)
Please email us any questions or talk to a front desk IGNITER at the gym