Dear AfterBurn Members,

In regards to the current COVID-19 situation the Afterburn team has discussed the matter at length. The team has decided that the best strategy for us to take is to be cautious and air on the safe side. The CrossFit AfterBurn team and you, the members, have been very responsible in keeping our facility EXTRA clean and safe, however, based on listening to many doctors involved in the fitness community, we are taking the actions that we believe are in the best interests of our members and your families. The prevalent advice to prevent what is going on around the world appears to be to avoid social gatherings. Therefore, we will be closing our doors this Tuesday for 7 days. We will assess the situation as it evolves on a daily basis and amend as we see fit.

We would like to explain this decision because we value all of your business, opinions, and friendship. We know some of you may feel like we are overreacting and taking action too early. You may end up being proven correct – we certainly hope you are right. However, we think it is better to get this wrong this way around, rather than the reverse. As always, our members are our main priority.

What does this mean for all of your memberships?

We will be pausing all memberships. For those members that have been billed, we will be personally going through everyone’s memberships and crediting you with the days that you paid for and we were closed. Quite simply you will be reimbursed with free membership days for days we were not open. We want to do right by everyone, we will be in touch with all of you so that you are rightfully credited your days. This may change your billing date once we resume operations, but we will update you with that information as well once we know it is safe to open our doors back up to you.

Even though we believe it is the correct thing to do, making this decision and writing this email was not easy. We are hoping that everything stays under control and we can resume our fitness ASAP.  We’d like to contribute to doing that, rather than just staying open and hoping for the best.

What can we do in the meantime to continue to workout?

We know our fitness goals are important so we want to continue to provide workouts for you to do at home that require little to no equipment. On your Wodify app, you can change your program to At Home Burn, these workouts are intended to be completed within 30 minutes but pack intensity. I will be posting a video each day of myself going through the instructions of the video and how to complete each movement (This will be posted to Instagram and Facebook). If there is a movement you need modified, send the Afterburn team a message on Instagram or comment on Facebook and we will reach back out to you to assist. In addition, we will look to schedule a day/time for whoever would like to meet at the park or outdoors at the back of the gym for a workout and enjoy some outdoor Afterburn fitness.

We cannot thank you enough for your assistance and cooperation during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by replying to this e-mail so one of the AfterBurn team or myself can assist.


Coach JC