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Have you ever heard the expression: trying to pack 10# of “stuff” into a 5# bag? The expression references the attempt or tendency of doing too much. Here’s a practical example…imagine you have a 2-hour layover in NYC. Instead of chilling in the airport, kicking your feet up, and focusing on making your next flight you decide to leave the airport, head out for a slice of pizza, grab a bagel, hit the Statue of Liberty and take in a play. I’m already stressed out. This is trying to pack 10# of sh*t in a 5# bag — YOU’RE TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH. CHILL!

Long story, short…stop trying to do everything. If you are doing everything, no one thing has enough meaning to be impactful. Slow down a little, focus, and be precise in your teaching and correcting. Not only will you feel much better about your teaching and correcting, but I would wager your athletes are going to enjoy their experience much, much more.


Burn60- Training Focus for November

Let’s chat November. We will take 2 weeks to “deload” mentally and throw really fun, pure general physical preparedness, to improve your ability across all areas of FITNESS — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, and so on.. We’ve got some absolute classics to get after this month as fitness test for ourselves…two of our favorite overall fitness benchmarks — Jackie & Helen. These both will show up the week of 11/11. In addition to these classics, we will also be moving very heavy barbells from the ground to overhead for strength and endurance purposes.


Again, expect to see all of these earlier in the month. As we come toward the middle of November, we will be introducing a Wendler-style (5-3-1) lifting cycle for the Front Squat and Push Press. We will test these 1RMs before getting into the cycle.We like Wendler because it is a very simple, easy to follow, and time-tested progression.

The Wendler four-week building cycle will occur in a traditional format. Week 1, we will hit a 3×5 of each, Week 2 a 3×3 of each, Week 3 a 5/3/1 of each, and then Week 4 we will deload. With each lift we will also provide percentages to base off of 1RM. Happy lifting, folks!

Burn30- Training Focus For November

Holy cannoli, it’s already November! Or should we say ROWvember?! Last month (SQUATober) was all about getting the lower half jacked and able to sustain high volume squatting/lunging. We are going to put that lower body strength into use and row into November.


Our goal is to build and increase our aerobic capacity and recovery. We will see 3-4 days/week of rowing incorporated into this month’s BURN30 programming. Athletes will have an initial test week, involving sprinting (:30 on & :30 off) and moderate-long (500m & 1000m) distance time trials. The middle two weeks will dial in technique, in preparation to retest in the final week!

It’s all about the aerobic capacity this month in BURN30, but don’t worry, we will continue to incorporate other movements. At the end of the month, we will retest our benchmark rows and see if our hard work has paid off. As always, keep up the great work, have fun and let’s build those engines through Rowvember in BURN30!

Home Work- If You Choose To Accept it!

Too often when we make a misstep, forget to do something, or even don’t do “good enough” on a workout we are quick to pull out a litany of excuses…

“Well, it wasn’t my responsibility”
“Karen forget to remind me”
“My calendar got mixed up”
“I could’ve done better but I didn’t sleep well”
“I was really busy yesterday”

STOP…just stop. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own sh*t, your own work, your own workouts, your own relationships, etc. How about instead of excuses…

“I’m sorry…I will be better.”
“You’re right, I forgot. I will do it now.”
“This is on me.”

This is a strong step toward ownership and leadership. The best and most effective leaders almost never make excuses and certainly never “pass the buck”. Great leaders step-up and take responsibility (even if it really “wasn’t” their fault because they know at some point they could have done better). So, the next time you find yourself reaching for a convenient excuse…take a step-back and just own it.

Lets get after November!

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