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 CrossFit At Home Burn That Will Melt Belly Fat

OK, so you probably laughed at the title of this article. “I get a six pack in my living room every night,” you say. “I just walk to my fridge, pull out my beer, and bring it back to the couch to watch Netflix.” Obviously, that particular six-pack is easy to procure. The one between your pelvis and your ribs, however, takes a little more work to firm up—but it doesn’t necessarily take much more time. We’ve got two great CrossFit workouts that can help you do it!


#1 CrossFit Core Workout

20 Minutes As Many Rounds

50 Jump rope or jumping jacks

40 twisting mountain climbers

30 sit up

(Good challenge would be to complete one round every 3-4 minutes)


#2 CrossFit Core Workout 

30 Minute Clock (You will end up doing 6 Rounds)

Plank :60

Russian Twist :60

Alternating Leg V-Up’s :60

Burpees :60

REST :60


#3 CrossFit Core Workout 

3 Rounds As Fast As Possible

Run 400 meters or 3 Minutes

15 Burpees

30 V-Ups


Coach JC says that these are great CrossFit workouts that will get you burning calories, burning body fat, and building those core muscles! all from the comfort of your home. It is not recommend doing these same workouts everyday because then the body will plateau to the stimulus of the workouts. Overtraining the same muscles is a thing and you can get injured. Incorporate these workouts once a week or two so that your body does not adapt to the workout and we keep getting the desired results!

The motivation is not always there when we need it the most. Coach JC says that for him the trick is blasting his favorite music and just starting! even if we have to scale down the intensity of the workout, all that matters is that we complete the workout. You will always feel better for having workout when yo are feeling down or lazy.