CrossFit AT Home

You were not able to make it into the gym!? No worries my friend, we have got your back! Below you will see a few CrossFit workouts that can be done with no equipment at home.


1. Warm Up- 

100 arm circles

50 hip bridges

:60 plank

:30 High Knees


25 Minute Clock do as many rounds as possible

10 Push up

20 Squats

30 Alt v-up


2. Warm up

:30 high knees

:30 but kicks

:30 plank

:30 wall sit


5 Rounds

Run for 3 Minutes at moderate pace

100 Jump rope or Jumping jacks

15 Burpees


3. Warm up

100 arm circles

50 Jumping jacks

:60 Monster walks

10 inch worms



Bench dips

Jumping Lunges

Sit up