BURN the Unwanted Body Fat Away!

CrossFit AfterBurn is the best CrossFit gym near Kissimmee because of it’s members. Our member’s have proven that our CrossFit classes and nutritional guidance deliver results. Through hard work and consistency, members have been losing fat while gaining muscle. We are not slowing down! For the month of October, we will be throwing in EMOM intervals into the BURN60. The EMOM will make sure that our bodies do not plateau. And our members hard work will keep proving us as the top CrossFit gym near Kissimmee.CrossFit Gym Near Kissimmee

Burn Fat With Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM)

EMOM kind of sounds like some new AI device that will raise your kids. EMOM workouts have you racing the clock like Jack Bauer trying to save a senator and believe it or not, it can be just as entertaining to someone who’s grown bored with a stale workout routine.

As the name implies, performing an exercise EMOM-style means to do a set and repeat it every minute thereafter at the top of each minute. The time between the end of the set and the next minute is all the rest you get. If you’re doing push ups for say, sets of 10, you’ll start a timer and do 10 reps. Stop and rest until the remainder of that minute has elapsed. At the start of the next minute, do your next set of 10.

Rather than feel spent after three to five working sets of an exercise, as you might normally, you’ll be able to perform double that workload or more, increasing the stimulus to your muscles, as well as boosting your metabolism. “I personally find EMOM workouts to be super effective for rapid fat-loss training,” says Coach JC.

EMOMs are meant to help you accrue training volume, which you can only do by saving some energy on each set. You won’t go as all-out on an EMOM as you would in a true HIIT workout, but you also won’t get to rest as long (in most cases) either.




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