CrossFit AfterBurn Near Disney –  bring back the balance to your lifestyle

The Disney area is a place I love, a hub for fun and economy. An economy that countless fast food restaurants and general purveyors of sugar are happy to take advantage of. Don’t worry CrossFit Near Disney as a lifestyle choice can help bring balance back to this ecosystem of temptation.

It’s time to get unconventional.

Societies obsessions with appearance has driven conventional fitness facility to measure improvements by looks rather than health.

At CrossFit AfterBurn we are interested in your general health and fitness first with our functional fitness training, if you get these fundamentals correct then the aesthetics will naturally follow..there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good at the beach or a Disney waterpark right!?!

“Healthy is Sexy, and there is no single better pursuit for your health than exercise” – Aubrey Marcus CEO of

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CrossFit Near Disney

Instead of obsessing over a number on a scale or a measuring tape, why not take a different approach?

  • A new professional state of the art facility – substandard facilities yield substandard results – aim higher than a converted store with craigslist equipment thrown in it.
  • Coaches and staff that genuinely care for the well being of there members (and not just the bottom line).
  • A support community that cares and are working towards similar goals to your own.
  • Programming backed by science.

You will find that together with the proper support and education you can take on your health and fitness challenge far easier then you may have ever thought possible.

Say goodbye to boring gyms. Say goodbye to B.S machines and people checking themselves out in mirrors. Instead get used to looking forward to seeing and feeling your body change for the better everytime you make a positive decision by showing up for class. Make new friends and accomplish your goals with them.

You deserve better, expect better – we endeavor for unconventional, disproportional results and so should you.

Craig Johnson

Co-Founder of CrossFit AfterBurn