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You will find that after you are done with your BURN60 CrossFit class you feel accomplished but a bit drained as well. That is because you just gave it your all on a CrossFit workout that was most likely designed to put your body under lots of stress so that you can BURN those calories and build that lean muscle!

The FITAID Recovery Blend has key vitamins & nutrients to help you recover.

Key Supplements That Help You Recover from Your CrossFit Class

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Amino Acids are known as the building blocks of protein, helping to support the repair of muscles and ligaments. FITAID includes the amino acids Arginine and Glutamine to help develop and maintain two types of strength: power for max-effort lifts and speed for Olympic lifts. Additionally, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) help reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise.
CoQ10 and Omega-3 EFAs are key to helping support cardiovascular health; However, due to their higher cost, you won’t typically find them in other sports drinks or vitamin products. That’s one of the reasons FITAID is America’s  #1 Workout Recovery Drink, because you can enjoy quality ingredients like Omega-3s and CoQ10 in every sip
GLUCOSAMINE, QUERCETIN, TURMERIC For many athletes, the mechanics of high-intensity fitness training can lead to issues with joint and muscle inflammation, pain and stiffness. Glucosamine is widely used for supporting joint health, while Turmeric and Quercetin may help reduce that common post-workout soreness and mild inflammation. Now you can recover as hard as you train!
B-COMPLEX, GREEN TEA A demanding WOD requires stamina and endurance along with bursts of intense power and speed. The B-vitamins in FITAID help provide the reliable, consistent energy your body demands during an intense workout without added caffeine or sugar. Plus, the mild dose of natural caffeine (45mg) provided by our green tea extract helps boost energy for quick movements.
Powering through an exhaustive workout creates tremendous stress on the body. Vitamin C, D and E are included in FITAID to help protect and fortify your immune system and speed your post-workout recovery.*
Electrolytes help regulate nerve and muscle function, hydration, and rebuild damaged tissue. The FITAID formula includes the electrolytes Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium to help replenish and balance your body, without any added Sodium.

Next time you finish yet another successful CrossFit workout at AfterBurn. Ask one of the coaches or Igniters behind the front desk how you can get one of the FitAid Recovery drinks. You will feel like you can go for a 1 mile extra credit run after drinking the recovery drink!