When you live a busy lifestyle, snacks can be useful when hunger hits and you cant stop everything you’re doing to prepare a whole meal. The hard part is, many of the snacks readily available to us today are high in refined carbs and sugar which can leave you unsatisfied and craving more food. It is essential that your snacks are nutritious and contain protein. Protein makes us feel more full it signals the release of appetite-suppressing hormones, slows digestion, and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. Here are some healthy snacks you can try with your busy lifestyle:

  • Jerky: Super high in protein. Search for a Jerky low in added flavors, sodium and sugars. The more natural, the better for you!
  1. Trail Mix: Not the kind with the M&Ms, but one filled with nuts and dried fruits. Eat this in moderation!
  2. Turkey Roll-ups: Basically just a sandwich without the bread. You can make roll-ups by placing four turkey breast slices on a plate and then spreading each with a teaspoon of cream cheese. Place a pickle or strip of cucumber and a tomato slice on the turkey and roll them into wraps.
  3. Greek Yogurt Parfait: To make yogurt even more delicious and filling, you can make a parfait by combining one cup of yogurt with granola and mixed berries in layers.
  4. Veggies & Yogurt Dip: Grab your favorite veggies, and mix some plain greek yogurt with hidden valley ranch seasoning.
  5. Tuna: Tuna is really tasty, and high in protein but try to avoid adding mayo and other high fat condiments.
  6. Hard Boiled Eggs: Nutritious, portable and very vessatile.
  7. Peanut Butter and Celery Sticks: A classic! But be sure to not to over-eat with the peanut butter.
  8. Cheese sticks: Healthy enough, and filling.
  9. Handful of Almonds: Quick and easy way to fill up on protein and healthy fats, just watch portions.
  10. Roasted Chick Peas: Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are a legume with an impressive nutrient profile. They’re also an excellent source of protein and fiber.
  11. Hummus & Veggies: Nutritious and easy on the go.
  12. Cottage Cheese: High in protein, and delicious paired with fruits and nuts.
  13. Apples & Nut Butter: Nutrient dense, and really filling.
  14. Protein Bars: Try to stick to protein bars with as few ingredients as possible.
  15. Pumpkin Seeds: One ounce of pumpkin seeds contains 5 grams of protein, as well as a significant amount of fiber, magnesium, zinc, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  16. Protein Shakes: There is a variety of types of protein supplements you can add to your diet.
  17. Edamame: High in protein, vitamins, minerals, and are quick and easy!
  18. Chicken Salad: Grab some chicken, shred it and mix with plain greek yogurt and salt and pepper and you have a nutrition dense easy to eat snack.
  19. Overnight Oats: Easy to make, portable, and very nutritious.

High protein snacks are important to have around when hunger hits between meals, as they keep you full and satisfied.

While many snacks can be unhealthy, there are plenty of healthy and portable options that you can enjoy even when you’re crunched for time.