• Afterburn Service Notes



  • Exceed Expectations  

-Put members first 

-Go above and beyond when you help a member

-Do not settle for ok 

-If you do not know the answer work to learn so that you can provide an answer 

-Look for opportunities in which you can grow and add value to the members

-Provide your team members with the support they need to be successful 


  • Encouragement


-Be the rainbow on a rainy day

-Look for opportunities to “LIFT SOMEONE UP”

-Make it your mission to put smiles and laughter in the room 

-Pride yourself in knowing everyone and being everyone’s friend

– Fight back negativity with love and humor

-Maintain a neutral attitude/stance on topics so that you can maintain a strong relationship with everyone 

-Keep all and any negativity off your tongue 

-Help create friendships between members


  • Open Mind


-Be aware of your crowds so that you can be respectful of people’s believes

-Always listen to opinions and ideas when working with members and team mates

– Take seriously others thoughts and opinions

-Take responsibility of mistakes and work on solutions and not excuses 

– Do not shun or ridicule others opinions and thoughts 



  • Be originally fun


-Represent Afterburn with your own flare

-Be willing to laugh at yourself 

– Continuously look for chances to create fun interactions 

-Be the life of the party 

-Own your quirkiness, be positive, and be confident while tackling daily tasks 

-Always be smiling 

-Leave your problems in your car and far from the gym




The AfterBurn Way

At Afterburn our mission is to IGNITE the healthier lifestyle that our members and friends strive for. We work hard to educate, inspire, and guide our community so that accomplishing their goals is an enjoyable journey that leads them to become a beacon of the AfterBurn lifestyle.

We accomplish this mission with an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe, friendly, and respectful. An atmosphere where you can be yourself, talk about your struggles, work on improving yourself, all while having a FUN time with others on similar and different journeys. 

We want for everyone to come out stronger while having a great time and learning how to live a healthier balanced lifestyle. This mission is accomplished through our quirky, fun, opened armed Afterburn team that is always READY to take on your goals as their own

If members are not having a good time, if members are not learning, if members are not accomplishing new heights, we are failing in our mission and that is not the AfterBurn way. We do not leave anyone behind. 


-Core Values-

-Be Original 

-Opened armed 

–  Lively