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CrossFit Near Disney-Tips to optimize post workout recovery

If you CrossFit around Disney you know that you don’t get stronger by working out. You get stronger recovering from the workout, meaning that the 23 hours you spend outside of the gym near Disney are just as important as the one you have in it. Here’s our guide (in no particular order) to all the ways you can recover faster and more fully build the greatest amount of strength, muscle, power, and endurance.

Post Workout Recovery Tip #1: Eat protein and Carbs

Muscles need two main things to recover: protein, the raw material used to build muscle mass, and carbohydrate, which is stored as glycogen and serves as the muscles’ main source of energy during exercise.

Post Workout Recovery Tip #2: Foam Roll and Stretch

Self-myofascial release (SMR), commonly referred to as “foam rolling” because it’s most often done with a foam roller, isn’t just a must before workouts. It can be useful right afterward and on days you don’t train too. Follow up the rolling with stretching to take advantage of the increased range of motion that the rolling provides, focusing extra attention on the lats, pecs, hip flexors, groin, and calves—the most commonly tight areas. “Hold the stretches for 15–20 seconds.” You’ll go back to your regular workouts moving and feeling better.

Post Workout Recovery Tip #3: Drink Coconut Water

Studies have shown that coconut water helps re-hydrate the body after activity to about the same degree that sports drinks and even water alone do, as well as provide essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium which are lost through sweat.

Post Workout Recovery Tip #4: Sleep

You’ve heard it before. Now hear it again: you need at least eight hours per night. Sleep is your body’s chance to reorganize the brain and replete the body, and it won’t be denied. Long-term sleep debt negatively impacts growth hormone release and insulin sensitivity. Translation: you’ll get weaker and fatter.

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